Catechizing for the 21st Century: John Murray Article Refreshed, Repurposed, and Republished

Former Westminster Theological Seminary professor John Murray the Scottish theologian who wrote Redemption Accomplished and Applied (a book that deserves multiple readings), also wrote a little-known apologetic called “Catechizing: A Forgotten Practice” in 1962 for the Banner of Truth Magazine.

While the content is the same, I reformatted the article for readability and received permission from Banner of Truth to publish it.

In the article Murray, with frequent nods to Augustine, Luther, Calvin and Baxter (and others), covers a lot of ground:

  • The Origins of Catechizing
  • The Development and History of Catechizing
  • The Need for Catechizing
  • Catechizing and Preaching
  • Difficulties of Catechizing
  • Difference Between Catechizing and the Use of a Catechism
  • Catechizing and Catechisms Not for Children Only
  • The Case for Catechisms
  • The Benefits of Catechizing

May Murray’s retooled article find new life amid today’s growing catechetical renaissance.

Read, print, or download on your e-reader Murray’s “Catechizing: A Forgotten Practice” here.

Note: After this post was published, I discovered there are two John Murray’s—both Scottish, both of whom also had writings published via Banner of Truth. The John Murray who taught at WTS was simply John Murray, while the John Murray who wrote the above catechetical apologetic is John J. Murray. The former is deceased, while the latter is very much alive. My apologies for the unintended confusion.