A Catechesis Manifesto: Five Reasons Why It’s Imperative

The Catechesis Task Force (CTF) of the Anglican Church in North America recently published To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechismwith J.I. Packer serving as the General Editor.

In the catechism’s vision paper, the CTF mentions a “catechesis manifesto” they wrote called “The Time for Catechesis Is Now!”

The manifesto centers around five key points:

  1. People are yearning for a compelling faith;
  2. Bible studies alone aren’t enough;
  3. You can’t have evangelism without catechesis;
  4. The status quo isn’t working, and our churches are dying;
  5. The time has come for families to embrace their God-given catechetical vocation.

The manifesto is currently unpublished, but the Task Force is allowing me to post it on my blog while they work on a final copy.

Read “The Time for Catechesis Is Now!” here.