Not What, But Why, Christ Suffered

We should not center our attention, however, upon what Christ suffered but rather why he suffered, and the answer is “for my imgres-1sake.” I am the one who by my sins have deserved that God be my enemy and mock me, even when I cry that the sun should no more shine, the earth no more bear me, and the rocks be rent.

When sins are made plain and the conscience is touched, then a man finds out all that Christ suffered here. Then he, too, will say, “Why hast thou forsaken me?” Therefore, everything that Christ suffered is to be referred to our souls, and the more we exalt the Passion the more clearly do we see our own condemnation.

Martin Luther’s Easter Book, ed. Roland Bainton, p. 79



Jonathan Edwards and the Famous Dueling Death

It sounds like the title of a Hardy Boys mystery.

I’ve combed through Marsden’s hefty Jonathan Edwards: A Life, and surprisingly couldn’t find any reference to it.

Aaron Burr, a grandson of Jonathan Edwards, was the third vice president of the United States. At File:Hamilton-burr-duelthe time, dueling was a fairly common practice.

He and Alexander Hamilton (a former Secretary of the Treasury) and Burr (then the sitting vice president) were involved in a political dispute. They met outside Weehawken, NJ for a duel. Both men fired shots, with Burr hitting Hamilton in the leg. Hamilton eventually bled to death.

I originally read about this deadly duel in a fascinating book by Roland Bainton called Yale and the Ministrynow out of print. (Bainton was also the author of the still popular and excellent book Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther.) Reading about the incident, I discovered a Wikipedia page devoted to this famous duel (which of course I knew nothing about), which they describe as one of the “most famous personal conflicts in American history.”

Then it dawned on me: in a roundabout way, Jonathan Edwards, by means of his grandson Aaron Burr, was involved in a famous deadly duel.

So next time you need a little Jonathan Edwards trivia to impress your friends while at the local watering hole, now you have it.