Keller: “Sproul Was Driscoll Before Mark Driscoll”

Tim Keller gave a series of lectures on preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary (my alma mater). After the first session, “What Is Good Preaching?” Keller followed up with a Q and A. Someone asked who were Keller’s influences on how to be a good preacher. Along with George Whitefield, Martin Lloyd-Jones, John Stott, Dick Lucas and Sinclair Ferguson, Keller mentioned R.C. Sproul, saying he was the “Driscoll before Mark Driscoll.”

I’ll never think of R.C. Sproul (or Mark Driscoll) the same way again.

Baseball, Apple Pie…and Sproul?

Is R.C. Sproul un-American?

Tonight is Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game (here in Minneapolis), but apparently the kind folks at Ligonier don’t think you’ll be watching it. What to do instead? Watch Reformed theologian R.C. Sproul answer a rare live Q and A session online.

“Hey, wanna come over and watch the All-Star Game tonight?”

“No thanks, I’ve got other plans. I’m going online to watch a live Q and A with a spry 75 year old Reformed theologian. Jeter ain’t got nothin’ on him!”

And a very different midsummer classic tradition is born.

More info. here.