“Denominations” Downsizing? Debatable

The New York Times reports various denominations who are downsizing their buildings, chalking it up to increasing secularization.

Here are the denominations they mention:

  • Episcopal
  • American Baptist
  • United Methodist
  • Roman Catholic
  • Reformed Jewish
  • Unitarian Universalist

(Non-snarky) note to the NYTimes editorial staff: The latter two are not denominations but different religions altogether (the last one is debatable if it’s even a religion in the strictest sense).

Here’s a picture of the stairwell of the building the Unitarians are selling:


Does your denominational headquarter’s stairwell look like this?
Didn’t think so.

Also, it’s interesting to note which denominations are not mentioned, i.e. evangelical, conservative, Protestant, historically orthodox.

In other words, churches who believe in a literal Gospel, and a literal Christ of the Gospel, One who makes demands upon us, demands which we in and of ourselves are unable to fulfill apart from his divine intervention, and that this Gospel must be shared with the entire world with a very real eternity at stake—these denominations are notably absent.