And the “Best in Death” Architecture Award Goes To…

Stuff like this actually exists.

The Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum in Minneapolis has won the esteemed AIA (American Institute in Architecture) award for lakewood_01_001_1305_01_0architecture, the highest recognition possible in their field. The StarTribune reports that the mausoleum is a “breakthrough concept in funerary architecture, a serenely minimalist building nestled into a hillside overlooking a reflecting pool in a garden-like Minneapolis cemetery.” The garden has also won 26 additional architecture awards.

Given that I’m only within a few miles of the mausoleum, this amazing discovery merits a day-long field trip, and a much longer post.

“…breakthrough concept in funereal architecture.”

Morbid? Probably. Fascinating? Definitely.

Look at some beautiful pictures of the mausoleum here.