Are Modern Christians Revolutionaries?

Cornelius Plantinga Jr.:

The Christian church is boring even to some Christians:

  • They hear lifeless, cliche┬┤-ridden, entirely predictable sermons;
  • Their preachers are trained in safe, sleepy seminaries;
  • Their congregations undertake only the most harmless and predictable ministries;
  • Their church councils argue over small matters;
  • Their worship services are endurance contests.

Nothing is going on! There is no life here! No action! No movement! Somehow their church has lost the distinction between being founded on the rock of the ages and being stuck in the mud.

[The early Christians’ mission had] power, dunamis, dynamite! Modern Christians who yawn through wileecoyotetheir worship, who gird on their weapons to fight crabgrass on the church lawn, who live at a tiddly-winks level of faith can hardly understand why Christians should be seen as a threat! But the early Christians were. They were regarded quite literally as revolutionaries, as people who had “turned the world upside down.”

Beyond Doubt: Faith-Building Devotions on Questions Christians Ask, pp. 144-145. Reformatted for readability.