The Downside of Immanuel

Cornelius Plantinga:

We must not get cozy with the idea of Immanuel. It’s not just a notion of Christmas cards and hymns, offering just the right little movement of joy for late December. The fact is that we might not enjoy Immanuel very much at all. Peter found him reproachful. Pharisees heard the sound of a whip in his voice. And any seedy, shifty human being might find it disconcerting to be absolutely transparent to a person who never compromised with evil, never shifted ground to make a better appearance, never sacrificed integrity for the sake of getting on with others. Would we dare to have God with us? As Malachi puts it (3:2), ‘Who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears?’

                            —Deep Down Faith (Study Guide)