“Flash Mobs Maul Catholic Mass”? Here’s Why (and a Prediction)

The New York Times curiously reports that “Mass mobs are spreading around the nation and taking church leaders by surprise.”

o-MASS-MOB-570Reading the article, the primary motivation behind these Mass mobs—usually occurring in severely declining churches—isn’t the spiritual content or ritual of the Catholic Mass. Rather, fueled primarily by social media, the mobs’ motivation appears to be driven by three things:

  1. Sheer nostalgia for the past;
  2. Reconnecting with familial religious roots;
  3. Appreciation and preservation of old church architecture.

Only time will tell what lasting effects, if any, these Mass mobs will have on the Roman Catholic landscape, and if it will eventually spill over into declining liberal mainline Protestant churches. I predict it will, but these mobs won’t substantially deter the churches’ steady decline. (And if they’re called “Mass mobs” for Roman Catholics, what will they be called for the mainline Protestant churches, hemorrhaging for very different reasons? Let the naming begin!)

Read about the strange Mass mob phenomenon here.