David Brooks: How to Be Religious In the Public Square


The New York Times columnist David Brooks recently spoke at The Gathering, a Christian philanthropic organization, about “How to Be Religious in the Public Square.”

Brooks covers a lot of compelling ground, including:

  • The difference between “Adam One” and “Adam Two”;
  • The effects of love;
  • The effects of suffering;
  • Our universal longing for transcendence;
  • Discovering that St. Augustine, in Brooks’ words, is his “ultimate hero”;
  • The walls Christians erect against secular culture;
  • How to build effective ramps to secular culture.

It’s classic Brooks, who candidly, winsomely and humbly speaks to the Christian community as a “holy friend,” willing to wound in love by saying what the Church must hear.

Read or listen to David Brooks on “How to Be Religious in the Public Square” here. [Scroll to bottom of page for link.]