Engaging With God Popularized

David Peterson, who’s masterful book Engaging With God:  A Biblical Theology of Worship is the most referenced and footnoted resource on worship, recently (and quite quietly) released a more practical follow-up, Encountering God jpegTogether: Leading Worship Services That Honor God, Minister to His People, and Build His Church

In a recent interview with the book’s publisher, Peterson was asked what inspired him to write Encountering God Together:

Many peo­ple have urged me to apply this teach­ing more specif­i­cally to con­gre­ga­tional gath­er­ings and to write at a more pop­u­lar level on wor­ship. So my lat­est book is the result and I hope it meets the need that has been expressed.

Here are the chapters:

  1. The Gathering of God
  2. Worshipping God
  3. Edifying the Church
  4. Patterns of Service
  5. Listening to God
  6. Praying Together
  7. Praising God
  8. Singing Together
  9. Baptism
  10. The Lord’s Supper

I’ve read it, and it’s fantastic. Whether you’re a pastor, church planter, elder, music leader—in short, have anything to do with leading congregational worship—this book’s for you. It’s a fairly quick read and will stimulate your thinking and practice about worship and the church.

Read the first chapter here.