Resurrection Realities for Real Life

In 2011 I wrote a blog post for Desiring God on what it means to be a peculiar Easter people 365 days of the year, 24/7. Rereading it three years later, I’m surprised—even alarmed!—how little I mentioned the resurrection.

And so I repent.

This Easter season, I’m more deeply pondering how the staggering reality of Christ’s resurrection is not only one of the means, but perhaps the primary means by which I and all of God’s people can truly and fully live the Christian life. So I’m going to more deeply explore what it means to think and live all of life in this sin-riddled world as if it’s shot through with Jesus’ explosive resurrection power.

How does one celebrate the resurrection not only during Eastertide (i.e. the fifty days of Easter) but every day, especially Sunday? And how does Eastertide help one rediscover joy, experiencing the resurrection’s ongoing life changing power in our lives?

In other words, if the resurrection really did happen (objectively) what tangible difference should it make in my every day life (subjectively)?

I plan on finding out.