Now Available: Plantinga and Douthat Audio on Sin

Neal Plantinga and Ross Douthat’s talks about sin—Plantinga discussing sin’s essence and force, laced with many pop culture references, with Douthat discussing sin’s migration in the US—are now available in here.

The audio session is one hour, with both speakers evenly divided, followed by a 90 minute Q and A. While I commend them both, if you have time to listen to only one, listen to Plantinga’s (i.e. the first 35 minutes). Concise, lucid and sane, it’s a tour de force description and defense of sin—among the best I’ve ever heard.

If you don’t consider yourself a Christian, I think you’ll find Plantinga’s talk (given to journalists) refreshing yet challenging. Give it a listen.

Douthat’s talk is briefly discussed here, along with some photos of the event.

Transcripts of both talks will be available within a few weeks, and I’ll post them here.

          Update: Transcripts of Douthat and Plantinga’s talks on sin are now available here.

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