Introducing God 2.0

Poster for Introducing God

Introducing God recently launched version 2.0 in Sydney, Australia, and is now available online at

Based on Matthias Media’s evangelistic tool Two Ways to Live, Introducing God (IG) combines Alpha-like sociology (i.e. highly relational) but with better theology (i.e. broadly Reformed).

And while Tim Keller asserts there are three ways to live (i.e. religion, irreligion, and the gospel of grace), when push comes to shove there really are just two ways. (And yes, I understand, and even agree with, the overall point he’s making.)

I’m exploring using IG in conjunction with planting a new church in Minneapolis, and am eager to explore the updated version. When I do, I’ll submit a review.

In the meantime Dominic Steele, IG’s creator, gives a good explanation of IG here.

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