Wells’ “God in the Whirlwind”: Essential Resources

Here’s a list of essential resources for David F. Wells’ book God in the Whirlwind: How the Holy-love of God Reorients Our World:

Wells compares the cultural and biblical understandings of love:

Wells explores how our culture influences the way we view God’s love and holiness:

Wells discusses the counter-cultural nature of the Christian worldview, especially as it pertains to the truth about God’s transcendent holy-love:

Wells on how he’s tried to “capture the truth that God has given us” related to God’s holy-love:

Justin Taylor interviews David Wells about the book:

The Gospel Coalition’s Matt Smethurst interviews Wells about the book.

—Here’s a PDF study guide for the book.

Finally, I’ll try compiling a list of book reviews as they become available.

03/10/14: The Gospel Coalition posted my review of the book.

Special thanks to Crossway for producing the videos and study guide.

[Apologies for the third video’s smaller size, as the embed code is incorrect.]