Will “Son of God” Soon Be Gone?

Quite happily, I’m wrong about the predicted success of Son of God. It may get a decent first week box office bang, and then likely plummet. Rotten Tomatoes only gives it a paltry 18%. Ouch. So aside from not seeing it for reasons pertaining to the second commandment, it appears the movie is just plain flat-out awful.

My favorite review is from The San Francisco Chronicle regarding Son of God’s portrayal of Jesus:

Things get better when model and Portuguese soap opera star Diogo Morgado shows up as Jesus. He’s definitely the well-groomed and exfoliated Jesus of children’s picture Bibles, not the gloomier $1 supermarket candle Jesus or the more feral Scorsese/”Last Temptation of Christ” Jesus. The son of God in “Son of God” would be the best-looking guy in the room at an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog shoot.

As for the movie Son of God?

Seems it will soon be gone.