C.S. Lewis’s New York Times Obituary (and Present Remembrances)

Past Lewis

Here’s a PDF of C.S. Lewis’s obituary as it was originally seen in the New York Times. Lewis’s death was 50 years ago today, and the obituary was published two days later.

Present Lewis

First, read about the first inaugural C.S. Lewis festival in Belfast, Ireland, Lewis’s birthplace, featuring the lighting of the famous lamp that served as the inspiration for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Second, Ivan Little of The Belfast Telegraph considers why Lewis is not revered in his hometown as he is elsewhere.

Finally, the BBC aired a live broadcast from Lewis’s local church honoring Lewis, with Alistair McGrath, fellow Anglican and author of the recent book C.S. Lewis: A Life, delivering the sermon. Details of the broadcast and audio of the 45 minute remembrance are here.

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