E-mail’s Tyranny: How to Control It

Want to better manage your e-mail? Become less distracted? Increase focus and productivity?

So do I.

In The Tyranny of E-Mail, John Freeman suggests ten ways to cut down on e-mail’s pervasive influence:

  1. Don’t send
  2. Don’t check it first thing in the morning or late at night
  3. Check it twice daily
  4. Keep a written to-do list and incorporate e-mail into it
  5. Give good e-mail
  6. Read the entire incoming e-mail before replying
  7. Do not debate complex or sensitive matters by e-mail
  8. If you have to work as a group by e-mail, meet your correspondents face-to-face
  9. Set up your desk to do something else besides e-mail
  10. Schedule media-free time every day

Also, adopt the e-mail charter.

You can thank me later for helping you become less distracted and focus on the things that matter.