Cigars, Pipes, Beer, Food…and Luther? Jawohl! It Must Be a Reformation Party!

Marty would be proud.

Yesterday I received this e-mail:

Join us in celebrating the solas of the Reformation and be encouraged by other men in the faith once Imagedelivered! As always, we will be recognizing the true catholicity of the Church, which is centered in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Food and good beer provided.

Cigars and pipes are welcome but not required for entry!

The event takes place on November 1st here in Minneapolis, technically a day after Reformation Day. But hey, who’s quibbling?

I’m planning on attending. As your loyal and inquisitive beat reporter, I’ll write about how a party celebrating the five solas went down.

Cigars? Pipes? Beer? (And not just your average beer, but “good” beer.) Food? And Luther? Count me in, if only to witness firsthand such an event.

(And I wonder: What would a female equivalent of such a celebration entail?)

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