On J.I. Packer and Tyndale: A Word of Encouragement

Many of you responded to the previous post asking for prayer for J.I. Packer’s health and to contact Tyndale and encourage them to forge ahead with Packer’s Systematic Theology. I asked someone at Tyndale if he found the e-mails encouraging (admittedly a risky question). Here’s part of his reply:

 …we appreciate the sincerity and lack of animosity in the emails we’ve received. Too often in situations like this, the calls and emails we receive are belligerent and that has not been the case at all[Bold emphases mine.]

Now one would think that a Christian publishing ministry like Tyndale would rarely receive such unbecoming correspondence. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case. And I’m guessing their experience is too often a shared one. Would that it wasn’t so.

So thank you for reaching out to Tyndale, and doing so civilly and with genuine Christian charity. You’re an encouraging model of how this type of rallying correspondence should work.

Please continue praying for Packer. Pray for Tyndale (they really are listening). Pray for all who are involved in the project. May our Lord be glorified with the outcome as we fully commit Packer and his planned Systematic Theology to his perfect and sovereign care.

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