Calvin and Hobbes and Catechism

I’m grateful for an uptick in the recent interest in catechizing (due in large measure to Tim Keller, who largely credits J.I. Packer for his influence via this book). The word catechism regrettably strikes fear in too may people. It sounds oldImage and smells musty, like memories from a bad religious school experience you’d rather forget.

If you’re wondering which resource to use to catechize your children, I think this booklet is the best place to begin. We’ve given a copy to each of our children. It’s portable, they can quiz one another, mark it up, and make it their own. And it’s suitable for both paedo and credo-baptists.

Finally, one can’t help but think of Calvin and Hobbes while learning about God and his ways with humanity. Now if that isn’t a key selling point….

Download a PDF sample here.

One thought on “Calvin and Hobbes and Catechism

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