Narnia Meets the Nicene Creed

While at a conference on C.S. Lewis this past weekend, I was surprised that a children’s book, I Believe: The ImageNicene Creed, beautifully illustrated by Pauline Baynes, wasn’t in the bookstore.

Who’s Pauline Baynes? She famously illustrated Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

Why wasn’t it in the bookstore? Sadly, because it’s out of print (even though it was first published in 2003).

If you’re a Narnia fan and aren’t too familiar with the Nicene Creed, there’s no better introduction to the Creed than this book. It’s a wonderful marriage of Narnia and the Nicene Creed.

And if you want to rally for its reprint, contact Eerdmans, the book’s publisher, and let them know you’d like it back in print. Otherwise, you’re relegated to finding a used copy.

In the meantime, click on the right cover to sample Baynes’ illustrations and enjoy this gem of a book.

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