Idols and the Christian’s Double Duty

…the idolatry in question is the idolatry of good and useful things from our modern world that, in the form of powerful modern myths, have been allowed to become distortions of the gospel and substitutes for faith in God. For, contrary to popular misconceptions, the idols against which the Bible warns are not simply the concerns of others (those ‘pagans’) and the obvious crudity of their objects of worship (their ‘gods of wood and stone’).

In the biblical view, anything created–anything at all that is less than God, and most especially the gifts of God–can become idolatrous if it is relied upon inordinately until it becomes a full-blown substitute for God and, thus, an idol. The first duty of believers is to say yes to God; the second is to say no to idols.

—Os Guinness and John Seel, No God But God: Breaking with the Idols of our Age, p. 16 (Moody Publishers, OOP). Line break and emphases mine.