Minneapolis Needs (More) People

The Editorial Board for Minneapolis’ primary daily newspaper, the StarTribune, just published a compelling article outlining why downtownmpls15more people need to move into the city, and the short and long-term ramifications for failing to do so. If you live in the Twin Cities metro area and are a Christian (and I realize this excludes most of this blog’s readership), I urge you to carefully read the article and prayerfully consider the implications. And even if you don’t live in Minneapolis, or even a larger city, the article’s a worthwhile read, if only to get some helpful ideas on what makes cities sustainable and viable.

Tim Keller has championed the need for Christians to move into the city (especially see his article “A New Kind of Urban Christian” published in Christianity Today in 2006), and it’s a fine compliment to the StarTribune’s editorial.

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