Edith the Episcopalian

Edith the Episcopalian

From an out-of-print postcard I bought from Peculiar People while at Global Church Advancement church planting training in 2006. From the rear caption:

Edith the Episcopal Entertainer belongs to Good Shepherd of the Hills of the HolyLand Episcopal Church. This church was built in her hometown, Newshawn, New Hampshire in 1456; the original building is still standing. Edith’s family have been members ever since.

Edith serves the Lord by hosting community awareness parties for the whales, the environment, pro-choice and the homeless. She notes that social functions require more money than most. Wine and caviar are not cheap and one must not skimp when the Glory of the Lord is involved. (By the way, her caviar is dolphin-free.)

Send her your donations.

Update: I was mistaken on the cards being out of print. Here’s a reply from my inquiry:

Hey Michael,

How nice to be remembered! Yes, we still have a few sets of postcards. They come in sets of 7 different cards and are $10 a set. [Michael’s note: I’m planning future posts on more postcards so you know what they look like. Edith the Episcopalian is just the beginning….]
Just let us know if or how many you want and we can either take your credit card info over the phone or you can send a check.
Much joy,
You can contact Charlie here.

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