Three Ways to Dispel Despondency

Martin Luther’s prescription for dealing with the Devil and temptation?

At times, you are your worst enemy—especially when you’re alone:Image

‘Seek company and discuss some irreverent matter as, for example, what is going on in Venice. Shun solitude….

I have my worst temptations when I am by myself.’

Undergird yourself with fellowship of the church. Then, too, seek convivial company, feminine company, dine, dance, joke, and sing.

Make yourself eat and drink even though food may be very distasteful.

Once Luther gave three rules for dispelling despondency: the first is faith in Christ; the second is to get downright angry; the third is the love of a woman.

Music  was especially commended. The Devil hates it because he cannot endure gaiety.

—From Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther by Roland Bainton, pp. 284-5 (line breaks and emphasis mine)

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