The Anti-Sexy Small Group

The church my family and I attend is a recent church plant. It has a large number of college students and younger professionals. There are few older people (i.e. 40 years old and above). There’s a balance of single and younger married couples. A fair amount of the congregants didn’t grow up in a church context, so church life is fairly new to them.

It is in this varied context where I have been leading a small group for almost a year. Every week (with nary a break) we meet over a nice meal and drink, and launch into lively discussion. Recently, someone likened our group to the United Nations, as it is very racially and ethnically diverse. It really is interesting to behold.

Now, you might think we are doing something novel, something exciting, something, well, sexy, to draw a younger hip crowd. And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking such things.

But you’d be wrong.

So what are we reading and discussing each week that draws a diverse yet committed crowd of people (Christians and otherwise)?

This book.

And the book we read and discussed before that? This one.

(Sexy, huh?)

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