The Plague of Being Disconnected

Today we inhabit the world, not just our community, our small town, or our corner of the countryside. We are knowledgable of all the great shaping and shaking events of life almost as they happen, in Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, France, China, or Botswana. And this sense of being a citizen of the world is greatly exacerbated by the many forces in life that militate against our belonging to any one place. We are those, for example, who are carried by the economic tides from job to job, from place to place. We are those whose families have been dispersed like confetti in the wind, part blown in this direction, part in that. What is the bottom-line effect of it all? What is the psychological impact? It is loneliness. Loneliness is the modern plague. This is the plague of being disconnected, of not being rooted, of not belonging anywhere in particular but to everything in general.

—David F. Wells, The Courage to Be Protestant, p. 33