Tiger Woods’ Confession

I just watched Tiger Woods’ public confession of his adultery (below).  Here are some thoughts:


  1. Tiger doesn’t blameshift. Rather, he admits and assumes full culpability for his behaviour.
  2. Tiger didn’t use if, and or but. In other words, his apology has no conditions or qualifiers.
  3. Tiger admits he needs help.
  4. Tiger admits he needs to change, and that this change is an ongoing process.
  5. Tiger admits shame. In a culture where shame is taboo, Tiger nonetheless admits it.
  6. Tiger didn’t employ levity. Instead, his confession was gravely serious  from start to finish.

However, in light of the confession’s many positives, there were some notable omissions:

  1. Tiger repeatedly apologizes, but never asks for forgiveness.
  2. Although Tiger is willing to look at himself and rightly assume sole culpability, in the end he states it’s up to him to change, that he will atone for his behavior. Moving forward, he promised “character sand decency”. However, Tiger can’t save himself. Like you and me, he too needs a Savior to atone for his sins, taking the blame and punishment, offering forgiveness for his wrongdoing.
  3. Although Tiger apologized to his fans, sponsors, partners, friends, family and wife, Tiger fails to acknowledge that the most offended party is God.

Pray for Tiger:

  1. That God will grant Tiger repentance and forgiveness–not only for his recent sin of adultery, but for all of his sins (i.e. past, present and future);
  2. That God will give Tiger eyes to see that the most offended party (i.e. God) is ready and willing to fully forgive Tiger by providing a substitute in Jesus for the punishment of his rebellion. Then–and only then–can Tiger be transformed from mere moralistic behaviorism to ongoing, Spirit-empowered, gospel-centered change.

Make it so, Lord Jesus. Make it so.

(Tiger’s full transcript here.)

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