Doubt: It’s Not Just for Non-Christians

A popular notion of doubt is that it’s irreconcilable with Christianity. If you’re a Christian and struggle with doubt, have you not more than once felt a bit like “Doubting Thomas”, lowering your head in cowering shame? After all, who wants to be like Thomas, right? We are a believing people! Doubt must be conquered or, better yet, avoided altogether. How can we convince a secular and unbelieving culture to believe in Jesus if we ourselves are plagued with nagging doubts?

And yet, it is our collective failure (intentional or otherwise) to properly deal with doubt that often discredits us before an unbelieving and doubting culture. Consider: when is the last time you heard a sermon on doubt? How many authors tackle doubt from a Christian perspective? When you battle with doubt, how do you deal with it? Sadly, do we not often deal with doubt by not dealing with it? Ironically, this common reaction is spiritual suicide, and although it may not kill off our faith in Jesus immediately, it usually results in a slow yet steady erosion of biblical faith. More than once I’ve seen once professing Christians shipwreck their faith on the jagged rocks of doubt.

So what’s the answer to our nagging doubts? How do can we recover a robust and lasting belief in God in this wasteland of unbelief and doubt? Stay tuned for the next post for some helpful pointers.