Leadership Expectations

Tim Chester (co-author of Total Church) writes about ways to identify and train leaders in their church network. Here’s a snippet:

Do they have a living confidence that: contrary indicators
God is great
so we do not have to be in control
they are over-bearing

they are inflexible or risk averse

they are impatient with people

they avoid responsibility

God is glorious
so we do not have to fear others
they avoid confrontation

they crave approval

they behave differently around certain people

they pretend or hide their true self

God is good
so we do not have to look elsewhere
they feel ministry is a burden

they often complain

they make people feel a burden of duty

they don’t stick at things

God is gracious
so we do not have to prove ourselves
they take criticism and failure badly

they find it hard to relax

they are proud or envy the success of others

they make people feel guilty

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