Gospel-Centred Family: Children as Proxy Gods

From Gospel-Centred Family, chapter 12, “A Serving Family” pp. 89-90:

So our children are not the centre of the world. Yet that’s often how we treat them. We structure our lives around them. We may not give them everything they want. After all, we don’t want to spoil them, we tell ourselves. But we do everything for them. Their good sets the agenda. We fit other things around them. We put their education above ministry opportunities. We live in nice neighborhoods so they’re not corrupted. Getting them to the church youth group matters more than other people’s needs.

The irony is that doing everything for their good is not for their good! They learn that they come first, that their needs are paramount, that the world is there for them. In the west we are perhaps creating one of the most indulged generations ever.

Of we put our children before serving God and others, then we make an idol of them. How will they learn to worship God as God if they see us worshipping them in place of God? We don’t serve our children well by putting them at the centre of our lives, a space reserved for God alone.