Moleskine Alternative

Yes, I realize those two words, i.e. “Moleskine” and “alternative” seem irreconcilable. However, this week while at my local Borders bookstore I happily stumbled upon this:

At first blush, I felt like I was defiling myself. How could I possibly make the switch from my beloved Moleskine?

However, after I cracked it open and thoroughly examined it, it seemed eerily similar to the Moleskine. A couple days later I read this review:

My main philosophy for a great notebook, that perfection is in the simplicity, might at first seem somewhat limiting. But subtle differences to an old style can make all the difference in the world. How can one improve the Moleskine design? Though we’ve reviewed numerous other little black notebooks, none of them has been in the Moleskine style. There have been soft-covers, leather covers, wider notebooks, taller notebooks, thinner notebooks…

The Piccadilly, however, has impressed me by being the first we’ve reviewed to make a moleskine (note lower-case!) notebook and, more importantly, improve on the design with a straight spine, better line spacing, a different book mark, and so on.

So I returned to the store today and did the unthinkable: I purchased three of them. With my 33% off coupon, the total damage for all three was less than one Moleskine: $13.59.

Now if only they’ll roll out some planners/calendars for 2011. But for now they’ve gained a giddy defector.