“Going” to Church

From Jonathan Dodson, comparing churches to fortresses, shopping malls or cemeteries:

Church is not an event, a place or a plant. It is a family of brothers and sisters united in the Spirit and the Son. The church is a community, people in relationships under grace. So the church is supposed to be a family, but we act more like acquaintances.

Instead of sharing life and truth, joy and pain, meals and mission, we share one, maybe two events a week. Church has been reduced to a spiritual event that happens for an hour or two on weekends, and if you are spiritual, occurs another couple hours during the week in a small group meeting. We spend just enough time “at church” to be religious, but nowhere near enough time to be family.

Rather than merely lament the state of the church, Dodson offers an alternative: a believable church living shared life together as a family. Read his helpful article here.