Os Guinness’s New Book

Os Guinness, one of my favorite authors who often challenges me how to faithfully bridge Christianity and culture in a winsome way, has a new book coming out February 18: The Last Christian on Earth: Uncover the Enemies Plot to Undermine the Church. The book is a redressed version of his 1983 novel The Gravedigger Files, which I bought at a used book store a couple of years ago for $2.00 (and a first printing!). From the publisher:

The “gravedigger thesis” can be put simply: The Christian faith contributed decisively to the rise of the modern world, but has been undermined decisively by the modern world it helped to create. The Christian faith has become its own gravedigger. In the 25 years since philosopher and social critic Os Guinness first published The Gravedigger Files, much has happened: the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of the computer age, the re emergence of China and India, the rise of Islamic terrorism, and the worldwide revitalization and politicization of religion. But the central mystery of Dr. Guinness’s “spy novel”, inspired by his affection for John le Carre thrillers, remains unsolved: Can Christians regain the full integrity of faith in Christ while fully and properly engaged in the advanced modern world? This new edition of The Last Christian on Earth, which includes previously unpublished “top secret memos,” is Dr. Guinness’s parable about the future of the Christian church in the West. Written in the grand tradition of le Carri, Fleming and Clancy, this thriller pays homage to the genre while transcending it, because the real life ending has yet to be written!

I’m glad to see it revised and back in print after a long hiatus. However, if you’ve never previously read Os Guinness’s work, here’s where to begin.