Engage with God

From the Sola Panel:

  1. Book of the year and why:
    • Engage: Daily Bible reading notes for youth published by the Good Book Company. It’s more of a subscription than a single book, but I think these are fantastic. Most teen (and adult for that matter) daily bible readings (‘devotionals’) spend very little time actually reading the Bible. They usually tell a story, tie it to a verse, and get you to reflect on a verse in light of the story. I’d despaired of finding decent material (and was about to start writing my own) when a friend working at the Good Book Company told me that these were on the way. They are almost unique in their genre, and, as I said, are well worth using as staple for a youth ministry discipleship program. They actually get youth reading the Bible and asking questions about it. They also have some other materials (interviews, articles on ‘hard questions’, etc.) scattered through the notes, independent of the Bible readings. It costs about $8 for three months of readings.

I agree. My oldest daughter (just turned 15) has been using Engage for the past 6 months and loves it, so I bought her a one year subscription.

For a collection of superb devotionals for all ages from The Good Book Company, click here.