For the Love of God

For 2010 hopefully you’ve already nailed down a few viable devotional aids to help you in your daily time with God. If not, I highly commend Don Carson’s wonderful book For the Love of God. Since its publication in 1998 (along with its subsequent volume in 1999), I’ve been using these books (based on M’Cheyne’s chart of daily Bible readings) every year as a supplement to my time in God’s Word, and with great benefit. They’re not only robustly biblical-theological, they’re deeply pastoral. Carson’s not only a first-rate biblical scholar and prolific writer who loves God, but his love for the church also shines throughout. (As an aside, he’s also one of my favorite modern Christian authors, who I struggle thinking of even one poorly written book he’s written!)

Click here to read the preface and introduction.

Also, here’s a helpful website to print a variety of Carson’s modified M’Cheyne plan.