The Music of the Gospel

The co-authors of World Harvest Mission’s The Gospel Centered Life recount their visit to WHM’s headquarters. Their impressions?

  • They are hospitable
  • They are mission-minded
  • They are humble
  • They are kingdom-minded
  • They “get” the gospel
  • They have gospel influence.

Regarding their fifth observation, i.e. they “get” the gospel, here’s a great quote:

“It’s not enough to know the lyrics of the gospel; you have to hear its music.”

As I preach on the gospel (not only to others but more importantly to myself!), I often ask, “Does the gospel sing in you? Are you gripped and captivated by it? Does it motivate all you do as a Christian?”

After carefully reading WHM’s The Gospel-Centered Life several times over, I’m convinced that individuals or groups who study and apply its principles will discover what it means for the gospel to sing in one’s heart, perhaps hearing music that’s been dormant far too long.