Gospel-Centred Life

Here’s yet another promising soon-to-be released resource from across the pond from the same co-authorsgcl of T0tal Church.

Here’s a snapshot:

Meet John, who is struggling to relate the Bible to his dull, difficult life. Or Kate, who is trying hard as a Christian, yet is deeply disappointed with God.  Or Susie, who dutifully shows up at church each Sunday, but feels alone and out of it. Or Andrew, whose courage fails him every time he tries to share the gospel with his workmates – leaving him feeling guilty and a failure.
How can ordinary Christians live the truly extraordinary life that God calls us to? By focusing our attention on the grace of God shown to us in the gospel, everyday problems and experiences like these, familiar to Christians everywhere, can be transformed as the cross of Christ becomes the motive and measure of everything we do.

Sympathetic to our struggles… clear and concise… rooted in the Bible… relevant to our everyday experience… The Gospel-Centred Life shows how every Christian can follow the way of the cross as they embrace the liberating grace of God in Christ. Use this workbook to help you, your small group or your whole church grow into Christian maturity.

Part One: Gospel-Centred Change

1. A life for God
It’s not about me – it’s about God and His glory

2. A life for others
It’s not about me – it’s about loving God and others

3. A life of change
God is making me more like Jesus for His glory and my good

4. A life of miracles
The Holy Spirit changes me through the gospel

Part Two: Gospel-Centred Perspectives

5. Look up to God
I respond to the gospel with daily faith and repentance

6. Look back to the cross
The cross is the foundation and pattern of my life

7. Look around to the Christian community
Belonging to Jesus means belonging to His community

8. Look forward to eternity
Eternal glory offers more than this life

Part Three: Gospel-Centred Living

9. Decisions
My top priority is serving Christ

10. Relationships
I have a duty of care that involves taking the initiative to serve and resolve conflict

11. Friends
My willingness to speak of Jesus arises from my delight in Jesus

12. Horizons
The gospel enlarges my horizons, giving me a concern for God’s world

13. Possessions
God gives me blessing that I might glorify Him

14. Suffering
God gives me suffering that I might glorify Him

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