Missional Living and Culture

In their book Vintage Church (pp. 25-26) Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears argue that to be “missional” (admittedly a current buzz word with varying opinions regarding its meaning) means that Christians must consider themselves missiologists. Here are nine ways missiologists faithfully engage with culture for the gospel’s sake:

  1. Watch television
  2. Surf talk radio
  3. Walk the mall
  4. Pay attention at the grocery store
  5. Hang out at the magazine rack
  6. Pay attention to kids
  7. Talk to the people
  8. Go online
  9. Break your routine

Three questions:

  • Which things are you already doing, but can instead pursue with gospel intentionality?
  • What should you strategically consider doing for the gospel’s sake?
  • How might God use you to advance the gospel in your given culture?