Trusting in the Dark: Biblical Reflections on Depression and Anxiety

I’ve had periods in my life of dealing with anxiety and depression (I trust I’m not alone?). Regrettably, I’ve had a harder time of dealing with it biblically amidst being in the throes. Paul Grimmond enters into the discussion writing in the current The Briefing:

I often wake at 4:30 am and pretend that it’s just the call of my bladder, but I know it isn’t. I know that as soon as I wake, I won’t go to sleep again. My body feels tired—like I’ve been running in my sleep—and my brain whirs away like the hard drive on my computer. I wake up with a thousand questions in my head—none of which seem solvable—and, at times, I’ve been so exhausted, I’ve just curled up in a ball on the floor and cried, wondering if the emptiness will go away soon. I have suffered mainly from anxiety, with periods of very low mood thrown in for good measure.

If Grimmond’s experiences have ever mirrored yours, read the whole helpful article here.