David Wells’ Church in the Matrix: Funding Needed

In e-mail correspondence with David Wells, he provides an important update regarding the proposed ambitious multi-media project Church in the Matrix (based upon his recent book, The Courage to Be Protestant:Truth-lovers, Marketers, and Emergents in the Postmodern World). When I inquired about a timeline, he responded,

We are still on the same timeline—end of next month [i.e. May] we must be funded or else!

Dr. Wells forwarded our correspondence to John Seel, the project’s Executive Producer:

We remain confident in God’s leading and would be honored if you would mention the needed support for this project on your blog. Any inquiries can be directed to me: John Seel, Executive Producer, 617.543.2495, djsjr@earthlink.net.

More info. about Church in the Matrix from the website:

The Church in the Matrix is a series of probing studies that explores how the matrix of culture is eroding historic, biblical Christianity. It offers practical guidance that combines culture wisdom with biblical faithfulness. It is plain talk visually illustrated. It includes a five-part DVD documentary and discussion guide, The Church in the Matrix Study Bible, The Church in the Matrix Guide for Young Adults, and The Church in the Matrix Electronic Resource Library. The project will also include a series of Town Hall conversations hosted by key churches across the United States.

Even amidst our present economy, I’m convinced this project is worthy of our finances. Let’s pray it doesn’t fall through. Won’t you spread the word to help make Church in the Matrix become a reality?