Let’s begin, shall we?

Holy Week is an appropriate time to kickoff this blog (wonderfully coinciding with the current Newsweek cover story). In honor of David F. Wells (who unwittingly provided this blog’s ominous title), it seems fitting for the first post to come from his book of the same name:

The fact is that while we may be able to market the church, we cannot market Christ, the gospel, Christian character, or meaning in life. The church can offer handy child care to weary parents, intellectual stimulation to the restless video generation, a feeling of family to the lonely and dispossessed–and indeed, lots of people come to churches for these reasons. But neither Christ nor his truth can be marketed by appealing to consumer interest, because the premise of all marketing is that the consumer’s need is sovereign, that the customer is always right, and this is precisely what the gospel insists cannot be the case.

David F. Wells, God in the Wasteland, p. 82